Not Much Wisdom

I last took up my keyboard to blog when I was working in Kenya. I wrote, for a small audience, about my experiences working in a new place. I got a bit busy during my 3-year stint working with AMPATH, so my time blogging fell by the wayside.

I’m going to return to sharing my thoughts (again for a small audience) and the topics this time will vary widely. I plan to write about technology, cycling, Arsenal, my dog Taifa, politics (yep), science and what ever else comes up. I hope this will be a regular thing and that content will flow, but no guarantees.

Essentially expect long form Twitter. I hope things will be insightful and of value. I’ll try to take things seriously and to have some fun. I will do my best to back up statements so this isn’t just opinion. I do caution you (few?) readers that you will probably find “not much wisdom” in what is about to happen.

All the best!

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